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Whiplash and Icy Weather

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Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision


Whiplash is the effect of sprain and strain in the neck, most often due to some type of accident which “whips” the neck back & forth, thereby injuring nerves.  Commonly caused by having your vehicle rear-ended by another vehicle, we have seen an increase of whiplash from another type of accident – slipping and falling on ice.

Falls on icy sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and steps usually happen very quickly and most people are not able to brace themselves for the fall. With the recent roller-coaster temperatures mixed with rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain surfaces have become treacherous and neck injuries are on the rise.

Whiplash causes a loss of natural curvature in the neck which, if left untreated, can lead to a variety of symptoms and health problems.  Chiropractic treatment of whiplash injury provides pain relief, removes pressure on the nerves, and prevents the proliferation of spinal arthritis.

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