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Jerry K. “I have had test three back surgeries with four years between each. One year to recover, two good years between each and about one year of decline to the point I wouldn’t be able to take anymore and would do it again. As I began to decline to the point that I couldn’t sleep, walk decently or get comfortable I met Dr. Josh. We worked on a schedule of three times per week for a few months until the pain in my leg and lower back was gone. I feel very well and have decided I would not have made it without Dr. Josh. I’ve past the nine year mark and things are going well. I highly recommend giving good Chiropractic care a serious try before other options.”

 “Happy Parents” Al and Sharon K. “Livi was our healthy newborn daughter. She was a great baby except for the one to two hour crying fits she had EVERY night. After discussing our concern about this with the pediatrician and nurses we were told, “Every baby has a fussy time at night.” We were beside ourselves when many friends and acquaintances suggested we take her to a chiropractor. We were hesitant yet eager to find a solution. After Livi’s initial consultation she had three adjustments and the crying fit was down to 15 minutes per night and within a week they stopped completely!! Our whole family of five now comes to Dr. Josh on a regular basis. Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable and will answer any and all questions before doing any treatments. He will always make sure you are comfortable with any and all treatments before it is given. He is great with kids.”

Angela A. “My son Tristan had experienced multiple ear infections and perforated ear drums since he was 10 months old. We heard chiropractic care for babies/toddlers was an alternative way to help minimize ear infections. We wanted to give it a try before having tubes put in. Tristan was a little over 1 1/2 years old when we started Chiropractic treatment. It’s not very easy getting a toddler to lie still, but we stuck with it and after 2 months, the ear infections stopped! He never had to have tubes in his ears. He’s now 2 1/2 and hasn’t had an ear infection since last winter. He also doesn’t seem to be getting as many colds as he used to. I believe Chiropractic care was a success in treating Tristan’s chronic ear infections and would recommend it to any parent whose baby/child is going through the same thing. Dr. Josh is gentle and patient with kids. He did a great job explaining the treatment plans and easing our worries and concerns with Chiropractic care for toddlers. The front desk ladies are always very welcoming and made scheduling very easy.”

Teri H (with sons Nate and Zack) “When I first came to Dr. Josh in September of 2004, I was experiencing weekly headaches as well as occasional back pain. After the initial exams and bi-weekly follow-ups I no longer suffer with head or back pain. Although I feel myself again, Dr. Josh encourages maintenance programs to stay on track. My twin 14-year old boys also receive his care and my husband has just made his first appointment! Dr. Josh is knowledgeable, caring and understanding. Rather than just treating his patients, Dr. Josh teaches you how and why chiropractic care is a better alternative to taking medications. I appreciate his knowledge and personal care to all his patients. He also makes it convenient to make appointments that fit YOUR time schedule!”

Kate S. “PRE-MARATHON: four months into a six month training program I completed a 20 mile run, but finished with knee pain. Over the next month I attempted twice to run 20 -23 miles but had to stop after only 10. Two weeks prior to race date I asked Dr. Josh if he thought he could help. He said ‘Yes!’ I went for treatment three times per week for the next three weeks. Life events forced me to choose a race date one week later than planned. I was saving my next long run attempt for the race, so the night before the marathon I had NO IDEA if I would be able to get past the 10 mile barrier. Not only did I pass the 10 mile mark, I MADE IT THE ENTIRE 26.2 with A PERSONAL BEST OF 3:50!! (Twenty minutes faster than my previous best!!) Dr. Josh’s enthusiasm and positive attitude about chiropractic care is inspiring. I didn’t really believe it would work . . . but it does! I will continue receiving care as preventative maintenance. I gave thanks to many people after my race: my family, God, my friends, but the BIGGEST high five went to Dr. Josh!”

Haylee L. “I used to go to the doctor for my ear infections all the time. After seeing Dr. Josh I haven’t been to the doctor for ear infections anymore. Dr. Josh saved me from getting tubes in my ears.”

Haylee’s mother, Heather, writes, “The staff is wonderful. We have been SO pleased with them. I would recommend them to everyone!”


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Patient Satisfaction Studies

Patient satisfaction studies have consistently shown that patients are extremely satisfied with the care they receive from chiropractors and far less satisfied with the care they receive from medical practitioners.

The Gallup Study

In 1991 the Gallup Organization performed a nationwide demographic study to determine the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of both users and nonusers of chiropractic services.

Their findings…

Overall, 90% felt that chiropractic health care was effective: more than 80% were satisfied with the treatment they received; nearly 75% felt that most of their expectations were met during the last visit or series of visits; 68% said they would likely see a doctor of chiropractic again for treatment of a similar condition, and 50% would likely be willing to see a doctor of chiropractic for some other problem chiropractors treat. Nearly 80% of the chiropractic users felt that the cost of chiropractic treatment was reasonable.

1. Demographic Characteristics of Users of Chiropractic Services. The Gallup Organization, Princeton, New Jersey – 1991.

The Harris Poll

According to this 1994 Harris Poll, patients were more satisfied with chiropractic care than care from medical doctors and other health care professionals.

Those who sought care from a chiropractor were more likely to be very satisfied with their care than those who visited any other practitioner. (Choices were between Chiropractic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, or Osteopathic Doctors) Of those who have seen both types of practitioner, the majority were more likely to be satisfied with the care of the chiropractor than with that of the medical doctor.

1. 1994 Harris Poll.

Patient Evaluations of Care from Family Physicians and Chiropractors

Findings from this study indicate that patients under chiropractic care had 3 times the satisfaction rate as did patients under the care of Family Physicians. In addition, the patient’s perception of the doctor’s confidence in diagnosing and treating low back pain was almost 3 times higher in patients receiving chiropractic care compared with those receiving care from family physicians.

1. Patient Evaluations of Care from Family Physicians and Chiropractors. Cherkin, D., MacCornack, F. Western Journal of Medicine – 1989;150:351-355.

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