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Your Mother Was Right – Sit up Straight

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Evidence is growing on the importance of good posture to health. Most recognize how a slouched posture can cause discomfort after sitting for extended periods of time. But new research is showing how posture can even affect mood and temperament. And new technologies are available to help determine and treat problems with posture.

People are beginning to have negative postural changes at earlier ages. Deemed “Tech-neck” or “I-posture”, the constant use of screened devbec71a41b1e4dd409ad7c695cfb7147aices (computers, phones, I-pads) creates anterior head carriage. Anterior head carriage is where the head moves forward in relation to the body. Research indicates that for every one inch our heads move forward they gain weight by 10 lbs due to gravitational forces. The average person that presents with this posture typically has over two inches of anterior head carriage. With the average adult head weighing between 12-14 lbs, that increases the gravitational weight of the head in a person with anterior head carriage to 32-34 lbs! This causes added stress on the spine and causes the upper trapezius and other muscles of the neck and back to work much harder to hold up the extra weight.

The good news is that posture is a learned behavior and can be corrected! Dr. Josh, Dr. Lindsey, and Dr. Aaron of Watkins Family Chiropractic have begun using the latest technology to detect and treat postural concerns in individuals of all ages in the greater Savage, MN area. With the earlier onset of Tech-neck, it is strongly encouraged to get children in to get a spinal and postural evaluation. Schedule online or give us a call today to see how new technology can detect problems with your posture and put you on the course to greater health.


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