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Colicky Babies

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As your child is being born, the neck and back vertebrae can go out of alignment due to the stretching and compressing of the body as it emerges into the world. If your delivery included a prolonged pushing stage, forceps or vacuum extraction, or other form of assisted delivery, the chances of a misalignment are great.

If the misalignments are big enough, the functioning of major systems in the body can be compromised. The digestive system can be affected and ineffective digestion of breast milk and formula can cause major discomfort in your baby, leading to colic episodes.

Colic is defined as comfortless crying in a young child or a baby and the child exhibits periodic fussiness that can last over hours or days. Colic is characterized by problems of loud piercing cry, tensed abdominal muscles, flexed legs, and clenched fingers. It generally starts around three weeks of age and lasts until around three months but sometimes lasts for as long as six months. Chiropractic care has given some of the best results, with 94% of colicky babies showing improvement with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle, conservative, and highly successful option for treating infants with colic. You may see your baby totally relax before your eyes as the misalignments are corrected.

Dr. Josh Watkins and Dr. Lindsey Hurlbut have helped many babies with colic.  If you would like to help your baby without the use of medication, call Watkins Family Chiropractic for a free consultation.  We are located in Savage and proudly serve the Prior Lake, Burnsville, and Shakopee areas.

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