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Changing your spine can take time.

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Teen girl with braces and doctor with patient in background.Once my spine is in alignment, why do I need to see my Chiropractor for wellness care?

An orthodontist is a great example of doctor that recommends wellness care as well. Let’s say you take your child in, and the doctor finds definite misalignments in their teeth. Braces are put on. Over the course of a few years, the braces are tightened and adjusted based on how the teeth are moving. You, and your anxious child, wait and wait for the braces to be removed. Everyone says how nice and straight the teeth look, but the orthodontist does not remove the braces. The orthodontist explains that as soon as the braces are off, the teeth will start to move back to their old alignment. Finally, the big day arrives and the braces are removed. Retainers are then worn for many years to make sure that the correct alignment, which took years to achieve, is retained. Many times, the retainers are not worn and these same patients are once again wearing braces – this time as adults.

Your spine is the same. Once it’s out of alignment, it can take some time to get it back to its correct position. And, it can quickly move back out of alignment without some type of retainer. Fortunately, maintaining alignment in your spine doesn’t require wires and/or pieces of plastic that are reluctantly worn. It just requires periodic adjustments to make sure it stays in proper alignment.

Dr. Josh,  Dr. Lindsey, and Dr. Aaron customize each treatment plan to fit their patients needs. If you or a family member would like to know more, schedule online or call Watkins Family Chiropractic at (952)440-4553 for a free consultation.  We are located in Savage and serve many in Prior Lake, Burnsville, and Shakopee as well.

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