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Can Chiropractic Care Help Relieve My Asthma?

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Chiropractic care for patients with asthma, especially those subject to severe attacks, provides an important and complementary role to the medical management of the disease. Regular spinal adjustments make asthma sufferers more comfortable by helping relieve the muscle soreness and discomfort that can develop during asthmatic flare-ups. In addition, chiropractic adjustments also realign the spine producing optimal nerve flow to your lungs and surrounding tissue.

Chiropractic adjustments may help reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Because chiropractic care promotes overall wellness, including enhancing the patient’s capacity to cope with chronic ailments, chiropractors are an important part of the health care team that can help asthma patients live more normal lives.

Preventing asthma attacks is also key to living a normal life in spite of having this incurable, but controllable, condition. One of the goals of chiropractic is to reduce asthma sufferers’ need to rely on the many medications prescribed to prevent and treat asthma. These medicines (or combinations of medicines) can have many troublesome and even dangerous side effects, including making patients increasingly dependent on ever-larger doses.

At Watkins Family Chiropractic, Dr. Josh, Dr. Lindsey, and Dr. Aaron have helped many patients suffering from asthma in the Savage, Prior Lake and Burnsville areas improve their quality of life. If you, or someone you know, suffers from asthma give us a call. We always offer free consultations to help you decide if chiropractic care is the right fit.

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